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Carpet RestretchCarpet stretching is essential for carpet owners. Carpets lose some of their tension and solidity as they age. If we wait to do the carpet re-stretch, the pile seated higher will degrade prematurely. Indeed, Occupational Health and Safety OSH NZ have been cracking down on these loose carpet concerns due to accident hazards carpet humps can present.

All carpet manufacturers, including the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), advise that all new carpets be “power stretched” during installation. The majority of carpet installers are paid up by the meter. Usually, they don’t take the necessary time to utilise the carpet re-stretching method. In most cases, when you don’t install with a power carpet stretch, new carpets will start to ripple and wave in about 16 months.

However, when our Carpet Service carries out our job, you’ll be elated to have your carpet smooth edge and cleaner, and most importantly, your carpet can last longer.

How To DIY Re-stretch Carpet

Difficulty: Moderate

Instructions Things You’ll Need:

  • Carpet cutter or utility knife
  • Power carpet stretcher unit
  • Knee kicker

Carpet Stretching – Prepare The Smooth Edge Tack Strip

  • Pull the carpet away from one corner using a pair of pliers until you can get a good grip with your hands. Continue to pull the rug away from the tack fix strip, keeping seams intact, especially around doorways. Since you are re-stretching an existing carpet, you will leave the tack fix strip along one wall and pull up the other three sides.
  • To remove the staples from the underlay, use the pliers, then pull them back. If you don’t remove the pins first, the underlay may rip because most are foam material.
  • Remove the old tack strips using the pry bar. The tacks are incredibly sharp, so using a pair of working gloves is good.
  • Lay the new tack fix strip in place with the tacks pointing towards the wall and secure them to the floor with nails driven into the pre-set holes. Place the pieces without gaps between them, especially at the corners to have a wall-to-wall carpeting.

Note: Staple the underlay back in place. Use a staple every 3 inches and along seams. Stretch the Carpet.

  • Rent a power stretcher and knee kicker if you don’t own them. It’s likely a good idea to ask a friend for help. If you have never used a power carpet stretcher, have someone at the rental company explain how it works.
  • Start power stretching the carpet, beginning at the wall centre with the rug you left attached to the tack strip. Carpet, try a section, then move over 18 inches and extend another area. Pull the carpet and hook it onto the tack strip each time, then continue. First, work towards the side of the room with a door. After that, repeat on the other side, starting in the middle and working your way out.
  • Sometimes, it’s better to call a carpet repair service expert such as Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Repairs Auckland Services, which offers affordable carpet repair, laying, flood fix, stain removal, cleaning, and drying repair.
  • Call Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Repair and Laying Service professionals in West Auckland, North Shore, Hibiscus Coast, East and South Auckland since 1987 on 0800 783-266.

Carpet Stretching Tips

  • About the sides. This time, you only need to start about a foot away from where you pulled back the rug. Stretch and hook the mat onto the tack board in the same manner as before, and then stretch and secure the other side.
  • Use the knee kicker in areas that are hard to get to, such as corners and around built-in cabinets. Sink the teeth 6 inches from the wall into the carpet, and use your knee to push the tool and stretch the carpet towards the tack strip. Grip the carpet edges of the rug and pull it onto the tacks as before.
  • Run the carpet cutter along the baseboards and cut the carpet side, leaving the backing intact to prevent excess carpet. Use the utility knife to trim around corners and built-ins. Then, cut the support and go about 20 mm carpet overhang to tuck under the baseboards.
  • Finish the job by pushing the edge of the carpet fix into the tack strip and under the baseboards. A screwdriver and hammer will do the job, but the carpet cutter is quicker. You won’t be cutting the carpet; just forcing the carpet cutter’s front carpet edges into it and dragging it along the wall. This will mash the rug into the fixed tack strip. And by pushing it underneath the baseboards in one movement. Call carpet repair specialists such as Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Repairs Auckland Services.

Steam ‘n’ Dry Carpet Repair Services has offered carpet and pad repair and laying services for over three decades. Based in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland. Our professionals can be contacted at 0800 783-266.


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