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Carpet Repairs Auckland

Since 1987 our specialised carpet repairers give you the best carpet repair possible or its free

Carpet Stretching

Power Stretch carpets to their former glory with our expert carpet stretching Auckland service

Flooded Carpet Repairs

Flooded Carpet Repairs Auckland guarantee expertise in widespread disaster restoration.

Carpet Repairs Auckland

Before you pay for carpet replacement, you should consider the cheaper carpet repairs option first. In most cases, your carpets can be fixed by a certified, trained, and experienced professional Auckland carpet repairs and carpet laying service technician. Indeed, Steam n Dry Carpet Repairs Auckland offices are based in South Auckland, North Shore, East, and West Auckland; the service has saved thousands of homeowners thousands of dollars by repairing carpets since 1987.

Generally, it does not matter how small or large the issue of the damaged carpet may be; if there is a visible defect, carpet repairers can fix it. Of course, Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland uses only environmentally friendly products that are safe for your family and pets. Indeed, we are constantly improving our equipment and methods to ensure that we use the fastest and most effective ways to clean your carpets and furnishings.

Subsequently, our Carpet Repairers Auckland service is one of the original and quality Auckland carpet laying and repairs services. With over 35 years in the Auckland carpet repairs industry. Steam n Dry Carpet Repairs Auckland and laying service technicians are well trained. Each with more than 15 years of carpet repairs in Auckland and laying experience; furthermore, Graeme Stephens was certified by  IICRC as a Master Restoration Technician in 2001 with over 35 years.

Above all, we believe our customers must come first. And we will make every effort to go to your home, office, or worksite as soon as possible.


By Graeme Stephens: last update 19/11/2022

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Our Services


Carpet Stain Removal

Patch repair, bonded insert, carpet cleaning & stain removal carpet repairs Auckland


Flooded Carpet Drying

Carpet stretching, patch carpet repairs Auckland, and fix repair carpets after renovation laying or flood


Carpet Repairs

Carpet stretching, patch carpet repairs Auckland, and fix repair carpets after renovation laying or flood


"Gavin is an awesome carpet repairer! He fixed the entrance to my son's bedroom after pulling damage to the carpet by our cats also ruined the underlay and exposed the tack nails. Good Auckland carpet repairs, guys."

- Sharon Griffiths
"Dale did an excellent job repairing our medical office carpet. You can't even tell where the carpet repairs were done. Highly recommend Steam n Dry Carpet Repairs Auckland."

- Janice Stapleton
"My kid spilled bleach on my carpet. Steam n Dry Carpet Repairs Auckland came out and repaired the damage. Believe me when I say you can not see where he cut the carpet and inserted the new piece. Flawless carpets."

- Marty Hankin
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